We are a group of friends (photos) from different islands of Vanuatu that came together because of our Love of Music, and our interest in contributing to the Development of Vanuatu and its special local culture. The band is evolving and is inclusive. It is a product of the merging of the bands DropVcull Groove and Family Roots.

The name DropVkal resembles the word Tropical, the climate associated with Vanuatu. But DropVkal has a deeper meaning comprised by 3 parts:

Drop – Tears of the pain suffered by our ancestors who were kidnapped or tricked into leaving home to work as indentured labourers on plantations in Australia. This practice, called Blackbirding, is a terrible chapter in Vanuatu’s past.

V – Vision, the Future, with a focus on Actions to build a better society. DropVkal Family wants to share ideas through our songs, which are ready to record, about violence against women and girls, corruption, and appreciation of the environment and nature of Vanuatu. We are always thinking about what will be our next project? How can we use our music for positive social change? We have supported a number of important fundraising initiatives – for example, through our music, we recently facilitated a fundraising at the Port Vila Central Market enabling the purchase of 17 water tanks to send out to the islands of Vanuatu to help communities suffering the effects of the climate change phenomenon El Niño.

Kal – Culture. We aim to incorporate local instruments, especially the bamboo flute, in all of our original songs. This symbolizes the respect and admiration that we have for Vanuatu’s indigenous culture.


El Nino fundraising @ Central Market


Anti corruption

Friends of Nepal (fundraising for earthquake in Nepal)

4Friends of Nepal

Kivhan festival (fundraise for Tropical Cyclone PAM)

Solidarite’ TC PAM @ Alliance Francaise


Supporting victims of the Tropical Cyclone PAM

Ending Violence Against girls and women

Peace in the family, Peace in the country song

Support to the Independence of occupied countries of Asia Pacific 

Family Planning


Climate Change

Supporting women and girls victims of cancer